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Ok so it is the biggest day of your life.
You have been fantasising about this day for your whole life, and now it is finally here.The preasure is off, because you are now legally married to the person you love the most in your life.
Now we party…….
If you ask any person who has attended a wedding before what they remember the best of that wedding it will always be what the bride looked like and how the music and food was.
Your DJ can really make or break your special day.
You need a DJ that can get everyone on the dance floor. From your grandma and pa to the aunt you have not seen in years, to your best friends, your parents and their friends…
Your guests want to enjoy your beautifull day with you and they will not be happy if the DJ only plays music for one section of the guest list.
Get a DJ that can read the crowd and make sure that everyone will have at least one dance and have a night to remember.
Do not let this happen to you: ipod wedding disaster

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