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Terms and Conditions

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Please read through my Terms and Conditions. This is extremely important so that you know what to expect of me and what I expect of you. You must also please print a copy and send me a signed copy when you make your deposit, before I will diarise your event.

1.1 Gecko Entertainment formally agrees to provide sound equipment and DJ (“the service”) as specified in the booking form on the terms and conditions contained therein.

1.2 The customer can only acquire a valid booking of the service by paying the specified Non-Refundable deposit of 50% of services fee to Gecko Entertainment. If the function is less than 7 days away, 100% of service fee will be required to acquire a valid booking. The booking will be confirmed by Gecko Entertainment on receipt of a signed copy of the booking form documents and the specified deposit therein.

2.1 The customer (who is irrevocably deemed to be the person who signs this document) shall be fully responsible for the full payment of the service fee as specified in the booking form.

2.2 The set time period during which the service shall be supplied shall be specified by the customer in the booking form. It shall be the customer’s responsibility to determine exactly what extended period of the service will be required and to convey that instruction to the DJ, failing such instruction the customer hereby consents to any and all further periods that are in fact requested. The customer is responsible for making full payment for all extended periods at the rate as specified in the booking form.

2.3 In the event that any of the sound system’s equipment is lost, destroyed or damaged as a result of any act by the customer and/or any of the customer’s guests, the customer shall be liable to make good the full replacement costs thereof.

2.4 The customer hereby indemnifies and holds Gecko Entertainment harmless against all and any damage sustained by Gecko Entertainment DJ’s and any claims arising out of or in connection with the hire and use of the equipment by the customer, save that Gecko Entertainment will use its best endeavour’s to ensure that this equipment is operational and that the DJ is reliable, punctual and sober.

3.1 The balance of monies due to the Gecko Entertainment as specified in the booking confirmation falls due in the 7 (seven) days preceding the function by Electronic Transfer and must NOT be paid to the DJ, except for overtime which must be settled with the DJ at the end of the event. In the event where the balance has not been received and cleared prior to the event, Gecko Entertainment reserves the right to disallow the service to commence.

3.2 In the event where the travelling distance to the event address exceeds 100 (one hundred) kilometres from Durbanville, accommodation will need to be arranged by the customer for the DJ and possibly 1 (one) assistant at a location no further than 15 (fifteen) kilometres from the event address.

3.3 In the event where the travelling distance exceeds 30 (thirty) kilometres from Durbanville, travel charges might apply.

3.4 Upon paying your deposit, you will acknowledge that you have Read, Understood and Agree to these Terms&Conditions.

3.5 All costs (including attorneys costs on the scale as between attorney and own client, collection commissions) incurred by Gecko Entertainment in recovering outstanding payments shall be payable by the customer.

Should the customer for any reason request the cancellation of an existing, fully paid booking the customer shall be held liable for 100% (Hundred percent) of the total booking price.

5. Gecko Entertainment’s UNDERTAKING
5.1 Gecko Entertainment shall make all reasonable endeavours to ensure that the sound equipment and personnel be available at the date and time specified. Gecko Entertainment must give at least 7 (seven) days notice to the customer prior to the event taking place should Gecko Entertainment not be in a position to fulfil its obligations. In the event of notice being given as aforementioned, Gecko Entertainment will refund the full deposit paid by the customer.

5.2 The equipment shall be delivered by Gecko Entertainment DJ’s or Staff to the customer on the event date and at the function venue.

5.3 The equipment will be set-up 30 (thirty) minutes before start time of the function. Set-up process may start 60 (sixty) minutes or more before the start of the function. There is no charge for this 60 (sixty) minutes.

6. DJ.
Whilst Gecko Entertainment will endeavour to provide a specifically booked D.J. for the function – the terms of this agreement are unaffected should this not be possible due to circumstances beyond the Gecko Entertainment’s control.

The customer shall have no claim of any nature against Gecko Entertainment for any loss suffered or damages sustained by the customer from any cause including the installation or malfunction of the sound system equipment.

8.1 The customer consents to the jurisdiction of the Magistrate’s Court of the district in which the customer’s domicile is situated in respect of any legal proceedings arising out of this agreement.

8.2 The parties elect their representative domicile for purposes of notice and service of process and proceedings at the addresses specified on this booking form.

These terms and conditions embodies the entire terms and conditions between the Parties and no conditions, warranties, representations, amendments, alterations, additions, warranties, or representations, whether past or present shall be of any force or effect unless they have been reduced to writing and signed by the Parties to the terms and conditions.